Senior Embedded Software Engineer (Hybrid)

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Senior Embedded Software Engineer (Hybrid)

Punch Through is a design services company. For more than a decade, people have come to us to get help building connected products. We love building products that make the world a better place and have a positive impact on people’s lives. Take a look at our website and you’ll see what we mean.

Punch Through is growing. We have a variety of projects that are either in progress or beginning soon. This is where you come in. You’ll work closely with other embedded engineers, as well as mobile developers, general software developers, and electrical engineers to create and build solutions for our clients’ connected devices.

As a Senior Embedded Software Engineer at Punch Through, you’ll have the opportunity to solve challenging problems on a variety of different projects, ranging from a proof of concept that shows a customer something can be done to a multi-year project that allows you to build and design a solution from the ground all the way up to mass production.

To discover more about what a career looks like at Punch Through, check out:

This position is hybrid. Our hybrid positions are for those located in the Minneapolis, MN area and have optional in-office days on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and in-person team collaboration when you feel it’s necessary. The in-office days have ample opportunities to connect with your peers through provided lunch, afternoon happy hour, and more!

Whether in the office or at home, we offer desk setups to allow you to work comfortably wherever you are.

Full-time · Minneapolis, MN 55401


  • Develop firmware and embedded software for connected products

  • Architect, implement, and lead challenging embedded software projects
  • Lead communication of technical details and project direction to client stakeholders on projects of all magnitudes
  • Design systems that can include components from embedded electronics to firmware to frontend, in collaboration with clients and teammates
  • Lead the process of creating and reviewing product requirements and design specifications, with minimal guidance from team members or clients
  • Coordinate technical approach with cross-discipline team members
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of best practices and processes within the engineering department
  • Mentor and learn from other team engineers
  • Participate in interviewing and onboarding new team members
  • Create and review content for project proposals
  • Be a model of our shared values for our team members and clients 


(yes, these are actually required):

  • Desire and curiosity to learn new things

  • Know and apply fundamental professional engineering concepts, practices, and procedures to embedded development
  • A strong desire to communicate and collaborate with teammates
  • Advanced understanding of professional engineering concepts, practices, and procedures; subject matter expert in firmware/embedded software development
  • Understand advanced engineering principles in at least one area outside of the field of specialization (e.g., Electrical Engineering, Software Application Development, etc.)
  • Experience interacting with external clients or stakeholders as a primary communicator
  • Previous exposure to project management and various software development processes
  • Experience with embedded RTOS and bare-metal development for microcontrollers
  • Experience in developing low-level drivers and application-level firmware
  • Experience with a variety of toolchains and development environments
  • Experience bringing up and debugging hardware using logic analyzer, oscilloscope, etc.
  • Have 8–15+ years of professional experience in firmware development.

You are definitely the one we are looking for if you:

  • Have experience with firmware and/or software test automation

  • Have experience designing data transfer and command protocols
  • Are familiar with one or more higher-level programming languages
  • Are familiar with regulated devices (i.e., medical device, aerospace, etc.)
  • Have experience working with wireless network protocols (bonus points if this experience is with BLE)

But first, you need to know if you even want to work with us. So, let's talk about what it’s like to work at Punch Through.

This is a Minneapolis, Minnesota based position. We do not offer relocation.


At Punch Through, our team and culture are everything to us. We value having empathy for one another and recognizing the challenges we are all going through, both inside and outside of the workplace. By doing so, we maximize our ability to help our team members be happy, successful, and comfortable being themselves.

To be in it for the long-haul, we believe our employees should be relaxed, creative, and able to do great work without always needing to be serious. Transparency and honesty about who we are helps us to resolve internal and external conflict, develop deeper relationships, and most importantly, be happy.

Punch Through’s culture is at the heart of what sets us apart from other companies. We take pride in our unique abilities and strive to do the best work in our industry. We never stop working to improve. We teach each other, we teach our clients, and we seek learning opportunities in all forms. We’re hungry for knowledge in the world and seek to leverage each other’s experiences. We’re building a company where everyone can be their best selves and have a meaningful impact on one another and on our industry.

If this resonates with you, odds are you'll fit right in. If that’s the case, we want to hear from you! Please apply today! We look forward to getting to know you.


Skills: You are a senior engineer who can develop firmware and embedded software for connected products. At Punch Through, this goes beyond just turning specifications into code. As a design services company, we work with clients at all phases of the product life cycle. This means you will architect, implement, and lead challenging embedded software projects. Regardless of what you’re working on, it should be approached with careful consideration of engineering tradeoffs between technical fitness, scope, and schedule in order to make decisions that best serve the client’s needs.

Communication: At Punch Through, we believe in transparency, not only as a company, but as an approach for working with clients. We value clear, honest, and frequent communication. As a senior engineer, you will lead communication of technical details and project direction to client stakeholders on projects of all magnitudes.

Curiosity: We believe that if you aren’t curious about how the world works or you don’t challenge expectations, then you will never grow. Our team members relate with each other in large part due to our passion for learning and growing.

Independence: You’ll work as a lead developer on large challenging embedded software projects so you must be motivated to operate and work independently. You will be expected to lead the process of creating and reviewing product requirements and design specifications, with minimal guidance from team members or clients, and lead the design of systems that can include components from embedded electronics to firmware to frontend.

Collaboration: We know that when we work together, everything is better. At Punch Through, collaboration is our preferred approach. As a senior engineer, you’ll work with teammates from a variety of disciplines to accomplish a range of tasks, from coordinating technical approach on a project with cross-discipline team members to interviewing and onboarding new team members or contributing to project proposals.

Growth: Be great today, be better tomorrow. One of the unifying characteristics of the Punch Through team is a drive for continuous personal improvement. As a senior engineer at Punch Through, you’ll work in an environment that leads to technical and non-technical growth, both organically through work and communication with others, as well as through a structured, focused approach. You will be expected to help develop less-experienced engineers through mentorship and guidance, while being open to learning new things yourself.

Part of creating this environment of growth is making sure people feel comfortable to ask questions and make mistakes. As such, all our engineers strive to be ego-free and focus on working together with the team and clients, not against. Punch Through is a place where people feel comfortable saying what’s on their mind. All team members are encouraged to share their thoughts, regardless of whether it is specifically related to their position. This includes contributing to the continuous improvement of best practices and processes within the software engineering team and participating in the growth of the overall company culture.


  • Flexible work environment with company sponsored Lunch for in office folks on Tuesdays & Wednesdays

  • Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • Company sponsored 401K
  • Short Term Disability
  • Paid Time Off - includes vacation, sick time, personal development days, & 9+ holidays
  • Personal Career Development - Personal growth and development are an important part of our culture - enjoy extra time off and a set budget (renews annually) to engage in activities of your choosing to help you develop as an individual
  • Company Trips - Think of this as Punch Through family bonding time. Enjoy team building, continuous improvement opportunities, and a lot of fun! Our policies are created by the employees, and each year we gather together to improve our culture and our lives
  • Onsite Gym Membership & Secured Bike Room - Fitness and commuting to work is easy with a free gym membership and a secure bike room to store your vehicle
  • Lunch & Learns - Expand your skill-set by teaching and learning with your peers (also get a free meal!)
  • Book Club - Discuss and share your thoughts books chosen by employees each month