Head of Marketing (Hybrid or Remote)

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Head of Marketing (Hybrid or Remote)

Punch Through is an engineering design services company. For more than a decade, people have come to us to design and develop connected products. We love building products that make the world a better place and positively impact people's lives. Take a look at our website, and you'll see what we mean.

We put a lot of effort into our marketing strategy and plan, and previous efforts have continued to pay off. In recent years, no single person has been dedicated to marketing on our team. With Punch Through growing, we want to change that! We plan to continue to grow through being a marketing-led organization, which creates a robust and predictable pipeline of opportunities and empowers us to have projects that make our team happy and impact the world in the ways we want.

That is where you come in! We are looking for an experienced marketing leader to work closely with Punch Through’s leadership to expand our marketing efforts and execute our established marketing strategy. You would be heading up all marketing efforts at Punch Through. We have a lot we want to do (see responsibilities below) and expect that you will need to bring in some external marketing professionals to help.

Punch Through's mission is to help people find joy and happiness at work, both internally and externally, through our clients. At Punch Through, we put people first and have intentionally developed a culture that supports people. A big part of that support is ensuring people aren't overworked and burnt out. We focus on having a healthy work-life balance so you can be in this long term. This position at Punch Through is a rare opportunity that combines impactful work with a world-class people first culture.

We believe that the best fit for this position is someone whose experience is somewhere between a mid-career "Marketing Manager" to an early career "Director of Marketing," for which the compensation would range from $118,000 to $163,000, depending on experience. The exact level of a candidate would be determined through the application & interview process.

This position is open for remote or hybrid. Our hybrid positions are for those located in the Minneapolis, MN area and have optional in-office days on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and in-person team collaboration when you feel it's necessary. The in-office days have ample opportunities to connect with your peers through provided lunch, afternoon happy hour, and more!

There is also an option for fully remote where you can be part of the team (everyone is remote most days!) and there is the opportunity to come to Minneapolis at least twice a year for our all-company off-sites to get to know your teammates in person!

Full-time · Hybrid or Remote · U.S. Only

What makes our Head of Marketing role a lot of fun

  • You get to work directly with company leadership to aid in strategy development and establish goals. Our leadership values marketing as we want to continue to be a marketing-led organization.

  • We have an established content marketing strategy that has shown to be effective, and we have clear goals of what we want to accomplish with realistic expectations of the effort it will take.
  • Our brand is well-known in the industry worldwide, and our small engineering team is a powerhouse with projects. This gives us more freedom to choose the clients and projects we take on to ensure that they align with our values, culture, and processes.
  • We have a large audience through our iOS/Android app LightBlue (80,000 users/month), mailing list (75k+ subscribers), and website (30,000 visitors/month).
  • Every member of the Punch Through team has a voice in the way we work. Leadership doesn't make all the rules, anyone has the power to change the way we work and our processes for the better.


What you would be responsible for:

  • Coordinating and executing all marketing efforts independently as a contributor and through coordination with external contractors'.

  • Working with leadership to develop a marketing strategy and responsible for turning the strategy into a marketing plan with clear objectives and key results.
  • Updating leadership on the progress of marketing activities and reporting on the results of campaigns.
  • Strategizing with engineering team members to create blog posts (and other content) optimized for SEO or that aid in the buying journey of a potential customer.
  • Ideating and executing new email campaigns to engage with our mailing list subscribers (ex. onboarding services, blog post promotion, etc.)
  • Ideating and executing on creating or updating web pages that aid in the buying process and overall website optimization to generate leads.
  • Identify the effectiveness and impact of current marketing initiatives with tracking and analysis, and optimize accordingly.
  • Working with external UX/UI Designers and our internal engineering team to create updates to our LightBlue app, optimizing for lead generation. Additionally, conduct market research of the user base to inform future LightBlue marketing strategies.
  • Aiding in future potential marketing tactics, such as trade shows, exhibitions, events, or webinars.
  • Developing and managing the marketing department's budget.
  • Representing the marketing team to cross-functional groups, including business development and engineering.


  • 5+ years of experience in marketing, with 2+ years experience as a marketing manager.

  • Experience managing an internal and/or external marketing team.
  • Be comfortable working with data, analyzing it, and using it to make informed decisions.
  • Have an interest in technology and software development.
  • Ability to create and execute marketing campaigns with digital marketing, including content marketing, email marketing, and web optimization.
  • Excellent communication, collaboration, and project management skills
  • A sense of aesthetics and a love for excellent copy and witty communication.

You are definitely the one we are looking for if you:

  • Have experience marketing for consulting companies in the B2B space, especially if it's for medical devices!
  • An experienced marketing leader that is data-driven and considers themselves an expert in content marketing.
  • Strong understanding of technical concepts and the ability to translate them into clear and compelling marketing messages
  • Interested in leveraging past experience in marketing to both lead others and jump in to contribute as a marketing generalist whenever the need arises.


Our team and culture are everything to us. We value having empathy for one another and recognizing the challenges we are going through both inside and outside the workplace. By doing so, we maximize our ability to help our team members be happy, successful, and truly be themselves.

To be in it for the long-haul we must be comfortable, which means being relaxed, creative, and able to do great work without always needing to be serious. Being transparent and honest about who we are helps us to resolve internal and external conflict, develop deeper relationships, and most importantly, be happy.

Our culture is a summation of the ways that we are different from other companies. We take pride in our unique abilities and strive to do the best work in our industry. However, we never stop working to improve and grow both individually and as a team. We teach each other, we teach our clients, and we seek learning opportunities in all forms. We're hungry for knowledge in the world and seek to leverage each other's experiences. We are building a company where everyone can be their best selves and have a meaningful impact on one another and our industry.

If you're great today but want to be better tomorrow, this is the home for you.


Experience: We hire for potential, but recognize a proven track record. The right culture can be the catalyst for growth for a motivated individual, and we'll never get in the way of your growth and success. You should have extensive experience with taking a marketing strategy and executing it from beginning to end. Ideally, you have done content marketing in a B2B environment, having executed some activities yourself, and led internal or external team members.

Skills: You must have a strong base knowledge of marketing fundamentals and experience using various channels. You don't need to be an expert in everything. You need to know enough to be able to guide someone to success and ensure it's done right. Most of our marketing strategy focuses on the use of content marketing, email, and web—so you must have skills in those areas.

You must be data and analytics-driven and love numbers to succeed and be happy in this role. Being data-driven is essential for success in the modern marketing landscape. It allows us to measure the effectiveness of our campaigns, personalize our messaging and achieve better results.

As with any marketing manager role, you will have a lot on your plate, so you must have excellent time management, organization, communication, and project management skills to succeed. We recognize that nobody can do this all alone, so there will be a lot of coordination and management of others to ensure success.

Curiosity: Be great today, be better tomorrow. We believe that if you aren't curious about how the world works, or you don't challenge expectations, then you will never grow. Our teams resonate with each other in large part due to our passion for learning and teaching.

Collaboration: You will be the sole full-time person dedicated to marketing responsibilities, so you must be motivated to operate and work in a self-managed fashion. With that said, we are huge believers in collaborative efforts, so you will have the support of the teams around you in many of the responsibilities you own, whether it be strategizing with leadership or working with external contractors.

Experimental: We want you to think of your work in terms of short experiments. This means trying things you might not be sure will work. Failure is okay, even encouraged, as long as we collect the right results and refocus often. Often this means doing the least amount of work possible to get the best result and testing our hypothesis.


  • Flexible work environment: We focus on a healthy work-life balance; 40 hours is a full week's work at Punch Through!

  • Paid Time Off: 10 paid holidays and 4.25 weeks of annual vacation. Even have a quick tenure program with 6.25 weeks of vacation after 4 years!
  • External Learning Benefit: Two days off and $1,000 a year to do whatever helps you develop professionally or personally as an individual.
  • Mental + Physical Wellness Benefit: $1,000 a year to do whatever helps your mental and physical wellness, with no approval necessary.
  • Company-sponsored 401K: The company contributes 3% of team members' salaries. It is immediately vested, and no personal contribution is necessary.
  • Insurance: Health, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance for the whole family.
  • Short-Term Disability: Up to 13 weeks of paid leave if you cannot work due to illness, injury, pregnancy, or recovery from childbirth.
  • Company Trips: All employees come together twice a year for a three-day offsite. Enjoy meeting your remote colleagues, team building, continuous improvement opportunities, and a lot of fun!
  • Anniversary Celebrations: Every year, your manager gets a significant budget to create a catalog of personalized experiences from which team members can select to celebrate their work anniversary.
  • Fist Bump Awards: Nominate your fellow team members who have gone above and beyond to be recognized for their contributions, and the company will provide them with an experience (ex., a weekend away at a cabin!) as a thank you!
  • Company-sponsored Lunch & Happy hours: For those employees who wish to come into the office, we offer lunch on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Each Wednesday we have an afternoon happy hour to spend some social time with your co-workers.
  • Lunch & Learns: Expand your skill set by teaching and learning with your peers.
  • Book Club: Discuss and share your thoughts on the book employees choose each month.
  • Onsite Gym Membership & Secured Bike Room: Fitness and commuting to work is easy with a free gym membership and a secure bike room to store your vehicle.