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Engineering Manager - Hybrid

At Punch Through, we aim to provide an ideal environment for all of us—one that brings joy, fulfillment, learning, and growth. Our model is ideally focused on support and empowerment from day one. Ensuring alignment and visibility on company strategy, empowering contribution to company initiatives, supporting bigger-picture career direction and opportunities, and ensuring ample support is provided via project teams and individual mentors. That’s where the Engineering Manager role comes into play.

Punch Through’s organizational structure is built off of our core values. Our vision and processes enable us to succeed while still maintaining a healthy, positive work environment for everyone. It’s essential to our culture that we have managers with an individual “why” behind being/becoming a manager that resonates with our values. We don’t believe that becoming a manager is “the next step” in a career path. We want managers at Punch Through to feel their purpose is to serve others and have direct experience that doing so brings fulfillment beyond their other potential day-to-day activities. We believe leaders motivate, communicate, guide, and encourage when necessary—stepping in to coach, assist, and problem-solve with team members at times to ensure their success.

We will be creating a “training program” to ensure whoever assumes the position will clearly understand how we intend to “lead” at Punch Through and carry forward the same intent and values we’ve always had for our team. You may not have experience as a Manager and still be an ideal fit for our team and this role.

As part of the leadership team, you'll work closely with the VP of engineering and executive VP to understand our values and how we foster and nurture our team members' individual career development. Once you've got a good grasp of our processes and culture, you'll help lead part of our engineering team's mentoring and personal development while guiding projects and overall business initiatives.

To discover more about what a career looks like at Punch Through, check out:

This is a hybrid position located in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Our hybrid positions have optional in-office days on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and in-person team collaboration when you feel it’s necessary. The in-office days have ample opportunities to connect with your peers through provided lunch, afternoon happy hour, and more! All hybrid employees are provided desk setups at home and in the office to allow you to work comfortably wherever you are.

Full-time · Hybrid in Minneapolis, MN

What makes our Manager position a lot of fun:

  • Our culture is measurably world-class (we anonymously survey our team using Officevibe and are in the top 1-2% of all companies), and you can help us continue to build on that for years to come.
  • Managers have the opportunity to directly mentor engineers as well as coach newer mentors to build their skills.
  • We do what’s best for our clients, but we passionately protect our culture and our way of delivering success.
  • Cut the red tape – everyone on our team has input into the way we work, and has the ability to change processes for the better.
  • There’s a lot of room for growth – as we continue to take on more team members, your responsibilities will grow.
  • We are a small company with a large and well-respected brand – we’re recognized as premier Bluetooth product development experts in our industry. This allows us the ability to choose which projects we do and ensure they align with our values.
  • You’ll never get stuck in a rut working on the same types of projects because we have a wide variety of clients. They range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies in industries ranging from medical technology to consumer devices.
  • We are considering applicants who would be either full-time managers or approximately 50%/50% leadership and individual engineering contributor, so we offer flexible growth opportunities depending on your career desires.


First and foremost, be accountable and responsible for empowering team members to succeed in finding and gaining mastery, autonomy, and purpose in their activities.

  • Be responsible for discovering and guiding big-picture career direction and opportunities that lead to fulfillment for team members
  • Observe onboarding and ensure appropriate support is provided for new team members to thrive
  • Provide mentorship to team members and support other mentor/mentee pairs to ensure they have everything needed to be productive
  • Understand and communicate company strategy, values, and help us reinforce and carry those forward
  • Guide communication and build long-term relationships with clients as you help our team deliver engineering solutions for those clients
  • Be part of the hiring team
  • Accumulate, refine, and communicate “performance”-type feedback
  • Facilitate yearly recaps for team members — celebrating successes and growth
  • Support and contribute to business development activities
  • Answer or escalate benefits, legal, or other administrative-related questions
  • Review time-off requests, timecards, etc


  • At least 1 + years of experience as Technical Project Manager, Technical Project Lead, or Engineering Manager
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong desire to help others succeed
  • Ability to determine clear actions and objectives for team members to grow in their personal development
  • Skills in communicating constructive feedback in a positive manner
  • Ability to motivate others
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Background in Software Engineering / Development (especially embedded systems and/or mobile applications)

You are definitely the one we are looking for if you:

  • Have experience in a design engineering services environment and love leaving clients in a better place than they were
  • Have several references from happy engineers / developers you have “led” and helped personally develop, whether within project teams or as their mentor or manager
  • Have helped develop lightweight, practical, and effective processes for engineering teams
  • Have experience defining project technical approaches and drafting Statements of Work (SOW)
  • Are familiar and comfortable with regulated medical device development

But first, you need to know if you even want to work with us. So, let's talk about what it’s like to work at Punch Through.

Our Culture Statement

At Punch Through, our team and culture are everything to us. We value having empathy for one another and recognizing the challenges we are all going through, both inside and outside of the workplace. By doing so, we maximize our ability to help our team members be happy, successful, and comfortable being themselves.

To be in it for the long-haul, we believe our employees should be relaxed, creative, and able to do great work without always needing to be serious. Transparency and honesty about who we are helps us to resolve internal and external conflict, develop deeper relationships, and most importantly, be happy.

Punch Through’s culture is at the heart of what sets us apart from other companies. We take pride in our unique abilities and strive to do the best work in our industry. We never stop working to improve. We teach each other, we teach our clients, and we seek learning opportunities in all forms. We’re hungry for knowledge in the world and seek to leverage each other’s experiences. We’re building a company where everyone can be their best selves and have a meaningful impact on one another and on our industry.

If this resonates with you, odds are you'll fit right in. If that’s the case, we want to hear from you! Please apply today! We look forward to getting to know you.

All About You

Experience: We hire for potential, but recognize a proven track record. We believe the right culture can be the catalyst of growth for a motivated individual, and we’ll never get in the way of your growth and success.

Communication must be extremely thoughtful and strategic, and ideally you have experience working with external clients.

If you’ve made it this far, you must love product development. We expect you have experience architecting, planning, and building products. At Punch Through that always includes some form of software so we’re expecting you’ve been guiding software development and have a desire to continually improve and deliver for our clients.

Skills: You must be someone with exposure to a number of software development and project management methodologies, and comfortable with tailoring the approach to what’s best for our clients as well as our project teams. We typically have several to a dozen projects running simultaneously, so you must possess strong organizational skills and remain in the loop on concurrent work streams. You will be responsible for leading various business development efforts so experience with Statement of Work (SOW) development and project proposals will be beneficial to this role. You must enjoy communicating from the heart and looking to do what’s best for both ourselves and our clients. If we are our authentic selves and communicate transparently, our relationships will naturally flourish, and that’s what makes Punch Through one of the best places to work.

To feel happy and be successful in this position, you must be able to think strategically and systematically, enjoy mentoring for the sake of improving yourself and others, and feel natural alignment with our company value of being selfless.

Strategic Thinker: In addition to supporting our existing projects, you will help lead the growth of our project and client management practices and further lay the foundation for the ability to grow our delivery team in the future. You’ll also be part of the hiring team conducting interviews. It will be imperative for success in this role that you can step back and see the big picture. You’ll be making decisions and discussing strategies that take into account multiple projects, stakeholders with a wide breadth of personalities and responsibilities, and internal and external business implications.

Curiosity: Be great today, be better tomorrow. We believe that if you aren’t curious about how the world works the way it does or you don’t challenge expectations, then you will never grow. Our teams resonate with each other in large part due to our passion for learning and growing.

Independent: You will be the second person dedicated to managing the engineering team, so you must be motivated to operate and work in a self-managed fashion. With that said, we are huge believers in collaborative efforts, so you will have the support of the teams around you in many of the responsibilities you own, whether in the project proposal, execution, or closing phases.

Experiments: We believe there is no single “right” way to manage a team. Everyone necessitates a degree of creativity to help them grow and ultimately find joy and fulfillment in their work. We love the idea of thoughtfully considering whether we need to adapt our ways to optimize for success, and then putting it to the test.


  • Flexible work environment with company sponsored Lunch for in office folks on Tuesdays & Wednesdays
  • Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • Company sponsored 401K
  • Short Term Disability
  • Paid Time Off - includes vacation, sick time, personal development days, & 9+ holidays
  • Personal Career Development - Personal growth and development are an important part of our culture - enjoy extra time off and a set budget (renews annually) to engage in activities of your choosing to help you develop as an individual
  • Company Trips - Think of this as Punch Through family bonding time. Enjoy team building, continuous improvement opportunities, and a lot of fun! Our policies are created by the employees, and each year we gather together to improve our culture and our lives
  • Onsite Gym Membership & Secured Bike Room - Fitness and commuting to work is easy with a free gym membership and a secure bike room to store your vehicle
  • Lunch & Learns - Expand your skill-set by teaching and learning with your peers (also get a free meal!)
  • Book Club - Discuss and share your thoughts books chosen by employees each month